This item sold as is for parts or repair, No warranty.BOSE 175L Go Back to Search Results
Genre: Speakers (foreign companies)
Manufacture: BOSE
Shop:Nipponbashi shop
Arrival: 2017-10-17 19:54:18
Price: USD 17.00(only one piece)
*This item is sold as is, untested, unfunctional, and carries no warranty. No returns are accepted. In addition, please understand we cannot provide information of conditions since they are stored in our storage.

175L BOSE image_a
175L BOSE image_b
175L BOSE image_c
175L BOSE image_d
175L BOSE image_e
175L BOSE image_f
175L BOSE image_g
175L BOSE image_h
175L BOSE image_i
175L BOSE image_j
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