This item sold as is for parts or repair, No warranty.PIONEER CLD-R5 Go Back to Search Results
Genre: LD players
Manufacture: PIONEER
Shop:Osu shop
Arrival: 2017-11-24 20:05:10
1996 made
Price: USD 205.00
*This item is sold as is, untested, unfunctional, and carries no warranty. No returns are accepted. In addition, please understand we cannot provide information of conditions since they are stored in our storage.

CLD-R5 PIONEER image_a
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_b
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_c
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_d
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_e
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_f
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_g
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_h
CLD-R5 PIONEER image_i
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